RecordedRottenbiller Studios, Budapest

DirectorDexter Fletcher

The idea for the music was to strike that delicate balance between action and romance. There is a real shift throughout the film, starting with our ‘Love Theme’ which scores Sadie and Cole’s meet cute. This quickly changes to a classic action feel as the plot thickens and we discover more about our female lead and her double life.

Lorne Balfe

Music Production Coordinator
Ruth Titmarsh / Ashleigh Kelly

Technical Assistant
Ethan Gillespie

Lead Orchestrator
Adam Price

Additional Orchestrators
Samuel Read / Aaron King

Additional Music
Stuart Thomas / Peter Adams/ Kevin Riepl / Steve Davis / Adam Price

Additional Arrangements
Ethan Gillespie

Synth Programming
Hex Cougar

Score Mixed by
György Mohai

Mixed at
Rottenbiller Studios

Orchestra Contractor
Bálint Sapszon / Simona Zbarauskaitė-Dovidauskienė

Péter Illényi / Gintaras Rinkevičius

Viktor Szabó / Vilius Keras

Pro Tools
Justinas Ladyga

Katalin Réti / Eglė Maciukevičiūtė / Dalius Jovaiša / Ieva Bačiulytė

Orchestra Coordinator
Bertalan Veér

Score Recorded at
Rottenbiller Studios

Ash Soan

Lorne Balfe