March 2024

Music from the Netflix Documentary Series, Presented by ESK and Silverback films. Life On Our Planet, the ground-breaking 8-part documentary series that tells the incredible story of the epic, four-billion-year journey of Earth, is the most...

February 2024

A Deep Hidden Meaning Special discussing the music of Argylle with Lorne Balfe, Matthew Vaughn, Ariana DeBose and Boy George. Listen to the full interview over on Apple Music.

February 2024

‘Argylle’ Composer Lorne Balfe Had to Keep the Existence of the Beatles’ ‘Now and Then’ a Secret for a Year and a Half: ‘It’s the Holy Grail’ Read the full article here

December 2023

A world wide exclusive from the Argylle Movie, co-written by Lorne Balfe. Ariana DeBose Ft Boy George performing Electric Energy Live on the Jonathan Ross Christmas Special. Argylle is coming to the cinema in Feb 2024!

December 2023

Red carpets, acceptance speeches and upset wins are usually the highlights of awards shows. But there’s one where the orchestra often steals the show. The Game Awards, which takes place later, and is a celebration of...

October 2023

Composer Lorne Balfe delves into the process of scoring life itself in Netflix’s Life on Our Planet. Read the full article here

July 2023

“Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One” composer Lorne Balfe talks us through his process for both “Fallout” and the new movie, including telling us the differences between the two scores. We also get in depth...

July 2023

It took over 555 musicians with sessions around Europe — including in Rome, Vienna, Venice, Switzerland and London — to put together the score for “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One,” composer Lorne Balfe tells Variety. Read full...

July 2022

Lorne Balfe is one of the most prolific film composers working today. His brilliant work on the Mission: Impossible franchise makes him a perfect candidate to talk us through some of the best music from the...

June 2022

Host Jon Burlingame talks to Lorne Balfe, composer of the score for Marvel Studios’ new film, Black Widow. Lorne reveals how he immersed himself in Russian music and culture in order to create a memorable sound...

May 2022

Lorne Balfe (Mission: Impossible – Fallout, The Lego Batman Movie, The Tomorrow War) joins the ‘boys and talks composing and London chains before a review of Taco Bell.  You can listen to the full interview HERE